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    Certification Authority UkrBUDSERT

    Certification Body "UkrBUDSERT been working in the field of certification and conformity assessment in 2003. Key areas of certification are building materials, products and structures, equipment and other industrial products and quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

    According to the Laws of Ukraine "On conformity assessment" and "On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies" OS "UkrBUDSERT" accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine, which confirms the technical competence of the Authority to carry out certification of products and management systems, high level of staff compliance with procedures and certification requirements European standards and international certification requirements (Certificate № 1O039 from 07.03.2008 and from 04.03.1910 № 8O035).


    The system of voluntary certification "UkrBUDSERT" widely known in Ukraine and abroad. During the period of the system was issued over 200 certificates for products and 30 certificates of quality management system. Our clients include major construction and industrial giants, businesses and organizations of Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Chernovtsy, Donetsk, Kharkiv and other regions as well as large manufacturing companies from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, China.

    Certification Body "UkrBUDSERT" appointed and authorized to conduct activities in the area of mandatory certification in UkrSEPRO (certificate UA.P.170, UA.PN.170). Over the last year issued over 100 certificates UkrSEPRO.

    In the certification of "UkrBUDSERT highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of certification, standardization and quality that always get expert help and make a competent assessment. High qualification of our specialists confirmed audit certificate, certificates of competency and certificates.

    Also, OS UkrBUDSERT provides solutions for presentation to the customs authorities of Ukraine on goods that are not subject to mandatory certification.

    Certification Body "UkrBUDSERT" guarantees high quality of the entire spectrum of work in no time at reasonable prices.

    Phone: +38 (067) 613-12-01
    +38 (067) 270-62-21
    Fax: +38 (061) 270-62-21 (аб. 128)
    Postal address:
    69065 Zaporozhye,
    Legal address:
    69065, Zaporozhye,
    Dudykina str., 28, оф. 305
    Contacts Staff
    23 06 . 2014
    Abolition of mandatory certification of hotel services and catering services

    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine cancels the mandatory certification of services of temporary accommodation and food services. As a result of this regulatory act, substantially reduced the financial burden on economic entities in the sphere of tourist services, which previously had to spend the finances to mandatory certification and, in general, contribute to the development of hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine.

    23 06 . 2014
    Cancel the registration of declarations of conformity

    Mandatory registration of declarations of conformity contrary to Ukraine's accession to the WTO, EU directives, creating technical barriers to trade and imposes significant additional time and money spent on foreign manufacturers and local importers. Ministry of Economic Affairs a draft law, which soon eliminate this requirement.